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Simple NDIS Hooking Based Firewall for NT4/2000

[download] (78K, full sources included, version 1.01, updated 2003-06-11)

[view] Doxygen NDIS hooking driver documentation

Currently all my working on ndis_fw project is stopped probably until the end of 2004. More stable version of NDIS hooking driver is included as a part of TdiFw project. See tdifw-1.3.2\addon\ndis_hk\src in downloaded zip-file.


This is simple packet filter firewall based on NDIS hooking. It contains generic NDIS hooking driver (ndis_hk) and packet filtering driver (ndis_flt). NDIS hooking driver allows to get interface list and install kernel-mode callback functions to allow or deny packets outgoing or coming from TCP/IP protocol driver. Packet filtering driver parses rules file and contains callbacks for packet filtering.

Packet filtering driver is very simple. It doesn't do stateful inspection. But I have plans to extend its functionality. By the way it can send TCP RST packet for TCP DENY. Rules language is also very simple.



* ndis_hk\hooked_fn.c: fixed bug with BSOD on XP/2003 startup

Thanks to OlegP

See CHANGELOG section below.


1. Run install_2k.bat for Windows 2000 or install_nt4.bat for NT4
2. Edit %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\ndis_fw.conf for your taste
3. Restart Windows

I must warn you the current version is very raw and get ready for any unexpected behavior on your system!


Edit file %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\ndis_fw.conf
Description of file format is in it.

Rules can be automatically reload in 5-10 sec after you change the file.

Errors are written in log (see below).


Logs are text files. They're in %SystemRoot%\system32\LogFiles\ndis_fw directory.

File name consists of year, month and date: YYYYMMDD.log

Numeric value after ALLOW or DENY is number of line in rules file with applied rule.



* ndis_hk\hooked_fn.c: fixed bug with BSOD on XP/2003 startup

Thanks to OlegP

2003-05-21: new version released!

What's new? Not so much. I tried to make ndis_hk driver as generic hooking engine. Filter drivers can attach to hooking driver several times using "layered" architecture.

A lot of changes in ndis_hk.

Few changes in ndis_flt. One of the most important thing is ability to send network packets to network or to TCP/IP protocol driver. As example TCP RST on DENY can be sent. See ndis_flt\packet.c

Thanks to Jan, Igor and all who interested in this project!


* install_*.reg: fixed STUPID bug with driver name in registry. Thanks to Moonchang Chae;

* ndis_hk\hooked_fn.c: fixed bug with resources leak on NdisSendPackets. Thanks to Big Boss;

* ndis_flt\flt_rule.c: fixed bug with network mask processing. Before it correctly worked only /0, /16, /24, /32 masks. Thanks to Junhee Shin.

2002-12-15: Initial release of version 1.0


see readme.txt file in downloaded ndis_fw.zip
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